My first Goju Ryu class

Entering the Dojo for the first time was pretty daunting – it’s a kind of pit-of-the-stomach daunting. Kind of like when you are going to take a test. “Just walk through the door you idiot”, I told myself over and over.

What you learn very quickly (usually because you make mistakes) is dojo etiquette. There is too much to mention in this blog, just remember:

Rule 2: always show respect

Here is a tip for you – dont make karate kid remarks like ‘wax on, wax off’ in ear-shot of the Sensei…if looks could kill. Other “must not do’s” include whistling, leaning on a wall, answering back and generally being an idiot. By these measures, I am officially an idiot.

Rule 3: do something, never do nothing!

This rule was really the only instruction for my first class. “take it easy, at your own pace, enjoy the movement”. Well, ‘easy’, ‘pace’ and ‘enjoy’ were furthest from my accessible vocabulary after 30 minutes. At one point I wanted to vom.
OMG – I won’t go into the detail just now but needless to say that my first class was tough. Tougher than I had ever imagined. Picture for a minute me with a face red as a beetroot, sweat dripping everywhere, my arms and legs waving and flailing around with less grace than one of those nutters who throw themselves down a grass hill after a wheel of cheese.

Yep – body was officially broken.


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1 Response to My first Goju Ryu class

  1. Christina Rosier says:

    I don’t want them to be shorter! Loved reading my first ever blog c u next week x

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