Repeating the Houdini fail

It is true what they say that doing a martial art gives you confidence. When you finish a class you feel like you can take on the world. The reality is that you cannot. You cannot even take on your wife. Trust me on that one.

Houdini allegedly died from injuries sustained after someone tested out his abdominal strength without him being forewarned (How Houdini Died)and I fell into a similar, all be it less fatal error with my wife.

So I boast to my wife about the blocks I have learned. So confident am I that I instruct her to “…punch me here” pointing to my stomach. There we were stood facing each other, I swear I could see her thinking “…he really wants me to punch him?! Oh well, here goes…”

At this point I was expecting a nicely measured, relatively slow and sedate punch. What I actually got was a punch that Bruce Lee would have been proud of. You know that scene out of Rocky 4 where the Russian is training and he hits a punch bag with devastating force? Yep, my wife punches like that.

Unguarded and unprepared (a la Houdini stylie) the punch met no resistance other than my relaxed belly. If it was filmed in slow-mo you would have actually seen the ripples run right around my mid-riff to my back combined with an ouch-like grimace and an elongated death warble in super exaggerated deep tones – ooooooowwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa!

Lesson learnt: be more specific with instructions when offering to be hit by someone – especially my wife!


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Unashamedly British, unquestionably quirky and undeniably obsessive. Author of gradrecruiter
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