The day after the day after

If you are like me and haven’t really done any proper exercise for a few years, it is hard to really appreciate just how unfit you are. I had lulled myself into a false sense of security – I was once fit and strong so it surely wouldn’t take much to get back to that.

Nope. Wrong. Our survey says, “ehhh, uuurrr”.

Pain everywhere was the over-riding feeling the day after my first class. Combine that with my Houdini humiliation episode the night before, I can safely say I was feeling worse than a man with man-flu. By all accounts, that is pretty bad.

What surprised me most was that the day after the day after I felt even worse. OMG – even my eyes hurt courtesy of an eye-stretch as part if the warm up – I kid you not.

Ok – I am not a complainer (my wife would disagree) but I will leave you with this image: me sat on the sofa curled up like helpless tramp, drooling with pain and only able to muster a grunt.


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Unashamedly British, unquestionably quirky and undeniably obsessive. Author of gradrecruiter
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