Kata videos

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http://www.sheffieldgojuryu.co.uk/kata.html  and http://www.egka.org.uk/

Belt        Grade        Kata & Bunkai

10th Kyu

9th Kyu        Gekisai Dai Ichi

8th Kyu        Gekisai Dai Ichi Bunkai

7th Kyu        Gekisai Dai Ni

6th Kyu        Gekisai Dai Ni Bunkai

5th Kyu        Saifa

4th Kyu        Saifa Bunkai

3rd Kyu        Seiyunchin

2nd Kyu       Seiyunchin Bunkai

1st Kyu         Shisochin

Shodan         Shisochin plus Bunkai


9th Kyu – Gekisai Dai Ichi (to attack and destroy – number 1)

Chojun Miyagi Sensei made this kata of basic techniques in 1940 to enable the average person to become stronger.

Here’s  the straight-line version of this kata, called Rensoku Bunkai (Chokusen Gekisai), as demonstrated by the one and only Sensei Molyneux.

8th Kyu – Gekisai Dai Ichi Bunkai

This is the practical application of the moves seen within kata Gekisai Dai Ichi. There are 5 moves in total. Each move is completed twice; the first time is slow and controlled, the second time it is fast and explosive with accompanied kiai.

7th Kyu – Gekisai Dai Ni (to attack and destroy, number 2)

This kata is basically the same as Gekisai Dai Ichi but it introduces open hand techniques and nekoashi movement. This Kata was created at the same time as Gekasai Dai Ichi as a means to strengthen and prepare the body for future rigorous training. It also introduces open hand techniques and brings the Neko Ashi Dachi movements that are very important in many advanced Goju Ryu kata. 

6th Kyu – Gekisai Dai Ni Bunkai

There’s not a large selection of videos for this bunkai, sorry. Here’s the best I could find – any suggestions of decent videos for this Kyu, please let me know!

5th Kyu – Saifa (to destroy by smashing / tearing)

To tear and destroy, also known as ‘To Move Like The Wind’. This kata is thought to have been derived from White Crane boxing style in China. Saifa makes use of many escape techniques and body shifting skills.

4th Kyu – Saifa Bunkai

This video shows the Kata and the Bunkai (point 1min 18seconds).

Kata Sanchin (3 battles: mind, body and spirit)

This is the fundamental kata of Goju Ryu, using muscle contraction and ibuki-style breathing. The kata symbolises the conflict between mind, body and spirit. Sanchin develops discipline, focus, perserverance and other mental attributs. The ‘hitting’ you see being done is called Shime (shee-may), to make sure the kata is being done correctly.

Here is Higoanna Sensei explaining (through an translator in English) the meaning of Sanchin.

More videos to follow soon.


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